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Ensure your event is heard with our cost-effective sound hire packages

Good sound will make your event stand out and we have put together a wide range of pre-configured public address (PA) system packages to suit events of any type and size.

To make life easier for event organisers, we have created a number of sound hire packages capable of covering any type of day or evening production. Our sound systems range from the portable (for general public address applications) to full concert PA systems. We regularly invest in quality equipment which is lovingly maintained and looked after, ensuring the best possible sound at your event.

It goes without saying that our sound system hire packages are flexible and can be altered to your specific needs, but they also offer substantial savings over individual item rental.

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Precise Event Services provide technical solutions for all types of events throughout Scotland. Our event services team have a reputation for quality and exceptional service and our focus is firmly on your needs and providing the best solution for your event at the most effective rate.

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