The Benefits of Live Streaming Your Event

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Tips and Tricks

The Benefits of Live Streaming Your Event

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Event

Ever thought about live streaming an event? Not sure what is required? Not convinced it’s worth the effort and resources?

As the Precise team prepare for a busy month of Live streaming events we thought we would spend a little time talking about the benefits.

Live Streaming gives you the chance to reach and engage with a much wider audience. The technology is not just for the big boys and is highly effective at such a varied range of events.

This month alone our team will be Live Streaming a public meeting, training session, product launch and a showroom opening.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Live Streaming your event.

Reach a wider audience

Events are usually limited by either the space available at the venue or by how many people can attend on the day. Live streaming, enables you to have as many people ‘attend’ your event as you wish. Sometimes people are interested in attending events but aren’t available to do so due to work commitments or increasing expenses. Live streaming your event can make your content accessible to all of these people. You can reach anyone you are no longer limited by geography and size constraints.

Sharing content

Live Streaming is not limited to live video. You can share different forms of content and media including pictures, powerpoint presentations, text and live chat.

It’s easier than you think

A common myth with live streaming is that it’s complex and expensive. We offer a range of Live Streaming packages to suit all budgets from a single camera setup to a live vision mixed multi camera setup.  Clients are often pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to add the Live Stream option to their event.

Mobile viewing

Smartphones are in everyone’s hands these days. Over 50% of video content online is watched on mobile devices. Taking this in to consideration we ensure your live stream can be watched on smartphones and tablets allowing your live stream to be accessible anywhere, anytime to your viewers.

Wrapping It Up

Broadcasting a live event can boost your message,branding or product, at the same time it allows your viewers to get to know you a little better, see how your company looks, and to grow a closer connection to your company.

Ready for your live streaming debut? We are here to help you.

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